Rewards System

Carisbrooke College uses the rewards system called Vivo to celebrate student achievements.

Students can be awarded Vivo points for a number of things such as: demonstrating positive behaviour for learning; exceptional achievement; persevering with a task; attending revision sessions; showing respect and good manners; 100% attendance; taking pride in their work and wanting to achieve; or take part in events that will benefit the community.

They have their own online account and these points will earn prizes. Parents/Carers can see how their child is doing and support this recognition at home too.

Staff will celebrate these achievements in their classrooms, during tutor time and in assemblies. All Vivos achieved by students will go towards points for their House and the House that achieves the most rewards each half term will have a mufti day.

Download this file (Rewards Ladder.pdf)Rewards Ladder.pdf263 kB
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