MFL (AQA GCSE Spanish / French/ Mandarin)

Contact: Mrs L Southwell – Faculty Lead for Communications

Course Details:

KS3 pupils currently study Mandarin for the first two years at Carisbrooke: this has been very successful and popular among students. Spanish, French and German will be supported through a lunchtime club for those who have an interest in maintaining skills in / beginning study of these languages.

At GCSE level students will be able to opt to continue with Mandarin, or take up Spanish or French. We follow the AQA exam, which no longer includes coursework. There will be an exam (GCSE) at the end of the course which tests all four skills, equally weighted at 25% of the marks each. We study three themes: Identity & Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; Current & Future Study & Employment. More details can be found on the exam board website:

Skills Developed:

Students are encouraged to use the skills which they develop to say more about themselves and what they think and feel, as well as being able to talk and write about their lives. They will also be able to understand others, including French/ Spanish / Mandarin native speakers, and to understand a variety of written texts.

Beyond Year 11:

This course is an essential preparation for AS-level language study and useful for all in developing transferable communication skills.
In a world where 75% of the population do not speak English at all, skills in a foreign language make any student more employable and put them at a distinct advantage when applying for training placements and University.

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