Homework is a significant part of each student’s academic learning, not just for examination students, but for all our students. We want to develop good study habits early in all years, and to involve parents in that process. It is clear from much research that the cultivation of positive attitudes to study depends on the involvement of parents with their children’s work at home. At Carisbrooke College we are trying to engage our students in lifelong learning and encourage them to think for themselves. Through homework, students develop an understanding of the best learning styles for them as individuals and develop the skills for learning, such as time management, research, reflection and evaluation. All homework will be available through ‘Show My Homework,’ which is an online platform for setting and completing homework activities.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to do at least one hour of homework each night to include reading which we would ask is monitored and supported by parents. Reading books are available from The Vista or, of course, your local library. Ensuring that children read for pleasure each night will support your child’s education. We would ask that parents read with their child, as appropriate, depending on your child’s reading age.

Please contact us if there are issues regarding homework not being given or not being marked.

Download this file (Homework Timetable 2016-17.pdf)Homework Timetable 2016-17.pdf242 kB