Business Studies

Business Studies (Year 9 – 11)

Contact: Mr P Jones - Faculty Lead for Humanities

Course Details:

On this two year course students will study the following topic areas:

Unit one and two—Introduction to small Business

Spotting a Business Opportunity, Showing Enterprise, Putting a business idea into practice, Making the start up effective and understanding the economic context

Unit 3—Building a Business

Marketing, Meeting Customer Needs, Effective, Financial Management, Effective People Management and The Wider World Affecting Business.


Controlled assessment:

Controlled assessment is different from the other units in the course because it assesses different skills. In particular, it focuses on research and presentation skills. These skills are difficult to test in a normal written exam and so in controlled assessment the student works in a different way. Students are marked on their ability to plan, research, primary and secondary sources and write up their research on a small business of their choice in response to a question set by the exam board. The test is internally assessed and externally moderated.


There are two external compulsory examinations taken at the end of the course. Unit one is a multiple choice and objective test and is worth 25% of the GCSE. Unit three questions will comprise of a combination of multiple-choice, short- and extended-answer, data response and scenario-based questions.

Skills Developed:

The progressive nature of the course encourages the development of an understanding of the business world, enterprise issues and current affairs that will affect all students as they enter the world of work, no matter what their intended career path. The course will help them to understand and appreciate business problems and situations and that solutions will vary according to the current environment in which that business is operating. The course encourages creative thinking and asks students to consider a wide range of social and ethical issues affecting enterprise. They will appreciate that information communication technology is essential to business decision making and success. They should become independent learners, able to identify a problem, investigate it, analyse their findings and offer personal solutions to these problems.

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