Geography Year 9 – 11 – Head of Humanities : Mr P Jones

Within Geography at Carisbrooke College, we aim to provide a diverse, challenging and engaging curriculum. We focus on topics which allow the students to develop their interests, whether it be in terms of the unique environment of Antarctica or the Geography of Crime, to name just two. We are firm believers in providing students with a unique learning experience, providing opportunities for students to learn practically and to develop their investigative skills. Our topics evolve along a range of scales and ensure that students appreciate the experiences and challenges faced by a range of communities around the world.
GCSE Geography is proving to be an increasingly popular option and we are thrilled to be developing the course to adapt to curriculum changes and topical events. Fieldtrips form an essential part of the GCSE course, allowing the students to see and experience the processes we study within the classroom. The Isle of Wight provides a superb practical learning environment for the students and we try to utilise this as much as possible. Many of our GSCE students continue to study Geography at A-level. At the sixth form campus, we provide opportunities for the students to become increasingly independent learners, directing their studies to higher education.

We take great care and attention in ensuring parents and carers are kept up-to-date with their child’s learning, providing positive reinforcement whenever possible, as well as communicating any concerns we may have throughout the year. We have a range of strategies to support students with their learning to ensure that no child is left behind and that all students have the opportunity to access the curriculum we offer.

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