History (Year 9 – 11)

Contact: Mr P Jones – Faculty Lead for Humanities

Course Details:

What's the most interesting thing in the world? Isn't it people? Real people? Well that's what history is about. If you like people, you should like history.

The course will cover:


  • Vietnam War and Korean War
  • The USA 1919-1975


  • Britain during the Norman Conquest
  • Medicine between 1066 to present day


  • There are two examinations at the end of Year 11
  • The Exam paper is not tiered.

Skills Developed:

  • History is very useful. A GCSE qualification in History develops key skills which can be applied to all sorts of other situations, e.g:
  • You learn how people tick, what motivates them, what they think and feel
  • You learn how to gather and read different kinds of information
  • You learn to look carefully at information and know how to check it for bias or propaganda
  • You learn to use maps, graphs and other diagrams
  • You learn to communicate clearly and to express yourself verbally on paper
  • You learn how ideas and cultures change over time
  • You explore societies different from our own
  • You develop independent ideas and views

Beyond Year 11:

  • AS and A-level History
  • AS and A-level Politics
  • AS and A-level Classical Civilisation

History leads to an exceptionally wide range of careers including archaeology, town planning, journalism, law, administration, teaching, television, acting, museum work and art history.