Humanities (Year 7-8)

Contact: Mr P Jones – Faculty Lead for Humanities

Course Details:

Within Humanities Students operate on a rotation basis having half a term of History followed by half a term of Geography throughout Key Stage 3. During their Humanities lessons students cover History from 1066 up to present day looking a mixture of British, European and World History. Within Geography students focus on learning their locality and key physical and human geographical processes, basing it upon case studies as a local, national and international level. Students are encouraged to discuss and debate matters of importance to them and others in a non-judgemental manner. The issues covered help prepare students with the knowledge and understanding of other peoples' beliefs and cultures so that they may strive in living in our multi-cultural society.

Skills Developed:

Students will have plenty of opportunity to develop key skills particularly in communication, research, independent thinking, interpretation and extended writing and the opportunity to justify their own views.

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