All students receive one Music lesson a week throughout Key Stage 3 and it is an option in Key Stage 4 at G.C.S.E.

There are many exciting experiences waiting for all in Music. These include all students having the opportunity to learn the ukulele in Year 8 and in Year 9 students have the chance to experience the ‘Musical Futures’ course. This entails working in groups as a band, learning and performing songs by bands such as Coldplay and Oasis. Students also have the opportunity to create their own compositions as well!

All students can also receive instrumental and vocal tuition from visiting peripatetic teachers. This is available in a wide range of instruments and does include singing as well.

There are also many extra-curricular opportunities for students. These include:

  • Choir. The choir performs at the annual Carol Service and has had the honour of performing at Portsmouth Cathedral’s Evensong service twice, with a standing invitation to return – this is not extended to many!
  • Jazz Band. The jazz band performs in school concerts and many community events, including the Olympic torch relay.
  • Uke club. The newly formed ukulele club, formed due to the success of using ukuleles in lessons, has recently purchased high quality, handmade ukuleles. They will be making their debut in the next school concert.
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