(Edexcel Maths GCSE)

Contact: Mr C Dunford, - STEM Faculty

Course Details:

Each student will follow the Edexcel 1MA1 specification. Assessment is 100% exam at the end of year 11.Students study a range of mathematical techniques, broadly grouped into number, algebra, shape and data handling. Students will learn to apply skills in a variety of contexts and in combination, reflecting the functional nature of the new exam specification. Students will be set on ability and tested once per term to monitor progress against target. Intervention can be put in place at any time to support students. After-school revision is available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and is open to all. To support student learning we recommend that all students purchase a scientific calculator and a Mathswatch revision CD.


Students are entered for one of two tiers:

• Higher (grades 4 to 9 available)
• Foundation (grades 1 to 5 available)

The examination consists of three written papers. Two are "calculator papers" and the other is a "non calculator paper". Each last for 90 minutes and are equally weighted.

Skills Developed:

Number, Algebra, Shape & Space and Data Handling and their application to solve problems are the main skill areas developed. Students are expected to be able to undertake calculations by hand and using a calculator and to explain their methods clearly. Accuracy in calculation and measurement are essential skills. Students should be able to make decisions on the most appropriate method to use, estimate and have effective methods to check their answers. Knowledge of conventional mathematical terms and formulae is required. Students should be able to apply appropriate skills and methods to solve problems based on everyday situations.

Beyond Year 11:

Students can progress to AS and A-Level Mathematics in Years 12 and 13.

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