The House System is a new and exciting development occurring at Carisbrooke College. It will provide plenty of opportunities for our pupils to get stuck into many competitive activities spanning the width of the curriculum, plus, who doesn’t like to get their own back on the teachers!

The Carisbrooke College House System


  • Will be made up of 5 houses
  • Every pupil and member of staff will be placed into a house at random ensuring there are a mixture of ages, abilities and interests.
  • All houses will have the opportunity to gain as many house points as they can.
  • The winning house will be rewarded with an exciting trip.
  • At the end of each term, the winning house will be able to dress in mufti for a day and will gain control of the house trophy!

Why has Carisbrooke College implemented the House System?


  • The system will be vital in allowing our young people to develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally whilst understanding the importance of a community and being within a supportive environment.
  • The system will boost participation and competition across all areas of the curriculum, nurturing the spirit of healthy competition as well as providing the opportunity to develop leadership responsibilities
  • It will give pupils the opportunity to be inspirational role models for fellow students across all ages. To develop house captains to work alongside current student leaders to further develop the effectiveness of the student voice.
  • To develop key transferable skills within students including; leadership, communication, teamwork and resilience
  • To provide an opportunity for students to aspire and achieve in all areas of the study through both curriculum and non-curriculum lessons

Carisbrooke College pupils have fully embraced the House System over the last 2 years. In this time we have completed several fun and exciting events ranging from a Man Hunt competition, 2 episodes of a Bake off and Carisbrooke’s Got Talent which attracted parents, staff and students in the finale. Pupils have got stuck into the competitions whether tutor based or as an individual. The wrist bands allow pupils and staff to identify their House peers and encourage each other to gain as many House points as possible. At the end of each half term, our top achievers from each House are rewarded with a £10 voucher which they can spend at a shop of their choice. Reward trips have included Super Bowl, Westridge golf centre, Isle Jump and a trip to the arcade. This year hopefully something different will be available to our winning House. Updates are available around the school site for the pupils, via the newsletter for parents/ carers as well as the website being updated with top achievers and winning points.