School Day

 Please see below the 2018/19 current academic year school day timetable.

  09:00-9:25 Tutor/Assembly
  09:25-10:40 Lesson 1
  10:40-11:00 Break
  11:00-12:15 Lesson 2



  12:55-14:10 Lesson 3
  14:10-14:15 Movement time
  14:15-15:30 Lesson 4
  15:30 End of School day
Assemblies usually take place in the West hall during tutor time:
Monday - Year 11
Tuesday - Year 8
Wednesday – Year 9
Thursday – Year 10
Friday – Year 7

Assemblies are subject to change.

Please see the attachment below for the updated times of the day that will be in place from September 2019.
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