Equal Opportunities

Carisbrooke is committed to creating an environment in which all members of the College community are equally valued and have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in a culturally diverse society.

We are committed to providing an education which meets the needs of all students, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, ability, religion and social and family circumstances.

  • Promote positive attitudes towards all members of society, with a clear code of conduct about respect for individuals.
  • Provide a curriculum that promotes equality of access and is appropriate for all students.
  • Provide a curriculum which reflects the culturally diverse society to which students belong and of which they will become adult members.
  • Use teaching strategies which are most effective in promoting equality and generating positive images of the individual and other people in society.
  • Ensure equitable distribution of praise, rewards and responsibilities to encourage an atmosphere of tolerance and cooperation.
  • Encourage all members of the school to use appropriate, non- stereotypical language.