Health and Welfare

We have a strong sense of shared values. All learners are welcome, regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnic origin, personal circumstances or need. Students are given opportunities to develop as active citizens and members of the community through varied learning opportunities, assessment and mentoring to support their development. Students, adults and other learners feel safe and secure and are supported by clear discipline and behaviour policies, with a strong focus on rewards.

All learners feel motivated to excel because their needs are met through a policy of inclusion. Students are supported whether they are gifted and talented or have a special educational need. All staff are full and active participants in the life of the College. They work as a team and are fully accountable for the delivery of high-quality education.

Healthy lifestyles will be encouraged through the curriculum, assemblies and canteen food. Students are informed of the benefits and rewards of a healthy lifestyle. All students will be encouraged to take part in sporting activities, both during and outside school hours. Other issues will be discussed during the curriculum particularly Science, Food Technology and Cultural Literacy. Safeguarding issues are taken very seriously and child protection cases dealt with on an individual basis. Whole school assemblies, visitors and organisations help raise awareness if issues.

Parents and carers will be actively encouraged to be involved with their children’s learning through Show My homework, parents’ meetings and discussions with tutors/welfare team.
Information and Communication Technology is taught as a discrete subject but also used throughout subject areas. New technologies are used as a tool for investigative learning and the majority of classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. E-Safety is a high priority for the College with students taught to use ICT safely and appropriately. ICT use is centrally monitored, with restricted access to the internet.

We recognise that our students have individual needs and know how important it is that students are safe, healthy and happy at College. We have a team of specialists to provide the appropriate guidance for students and to put in place individual plans to support students’ needs. In addition we work closely with a number of external agencies to provide high quality care, guidance and support on an individual basis.


Students will only achieve their best if they come to school every day. Securing high levels of attendance is a high priority for the College. If a student is too ill to attend, the College should be informed immediately, at least on the first day of absence. Holidays in term time are not supported by the College, and will only be sanctioned in very exceptional circumstances.

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