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New House System sees students take the lead in everyway.

From September 2017 Carisbrooke College will be introducing a new House system with the ambition of increasing student participation and pride in their day to day activities. As part of the new system there has been a change to the names of each House and from September they will be known as the Houses of McFarlane; Gutteridge, Priddle, Pitman and Lavell. These names come from the actual House leaders themselves as they are the surnames of each leader. This therefore, gives future House leaders the added incentive to have a House named after themselves. The five House leaders along with their deputy leaders will be responsible for organising and running competitions throughout the year across the school. Therefore, the House system from this point onwards will truly be run and led by students.

Students can gain House points through our schools reward system (VIVO) and each half term students will be rewarded for their participation in competitions. The new House system will aim to run competitions that have been a success in the past whilst introducing new ideas and will nicely link in with our other new initiative ASPIRE.

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