Important - Bus Changes

Please could you make students aware of the bus changes due to Willmingham Lane being closed as from the 02.05.17.

Service 327 and 403 will be running either side of the closure. Service 403 will operate normal route and times and collect all 403 and 327 students between Freshwater Bay and Afton Marsh (Wilmingham Lane) then operate direct to school. Service 327 will start from Thorley (Tattels Lane) and collect all 403 and 327 students between there and Calbourne and then on to school.

The 327 students who are allocated to the 403 for the duration of the closure should be reminded that they will have to wait on the opposite side of the road for the 403 and the times are earlier.

The AM times for the 327 will be:

Thorley (Tattels Lane) 0833
Thorley (Church) 0834
Wellow (Bus Shelter) 0838
Newbridge (Post Office) 0841
Calbourne (Sun Inn) 0845

The AM times for the 403 will be:

Freshwater Bay 0810
Freshwater (Victoria Rd) 0812
Freshwater (Co-op) 0814

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