School Day Changes - From September 2019


Dear students and parents,

Changes to the school day from September 2019

I am writing to you to let you know of some changes we are planning for the school year beginning in
September 2019.

Lesson lengths and number of lessons

From September 2019 we have decided to change our lesson length from the current 75 minutes to
one hour. Instead of being four lessons in the day, there will now be five lessons. At the moment some
students struggle to concentrate for 75 minutes in one block and there is lots of evidence to suggest
shorter lessons are better for learning. The total amount of taught learning time will not change.

Start and end of the school day

Something that may well affect students and parents more is the start and end of the school day. From
September 2019 we aim to start school at 8.45am and finish at 3.00pm. We have been working with
Isle of Wight Transport to liaise over bus times and services and they have indicated they are able to
support these changes. The day therefore might look something like this for students:

8.45am Registration and Tutor Time
9.10am Lesson 1
10.10am Lesson 2
11.10am Break – food served in the Canteen
11.40am Lesson 3
12.40pm Lesson 4
1.40pm Break – food served in the Canteen
2.00pm Lesson 5
3.00pm End of school

By finishing earlier there are a number of advantages for students. They will be returning home largely
in the light during the winter period, after school sessions for clubs/interventions can begin and finish
earlier and overall the day is shorter for students.

I wanted to write to you quite far in advance of these changes to allow you, as parents, the maximum
amount of time for any changes you may have to put into place in terms of home arrangements. If you
wish to contact me to discuss the changes please do so as early as possible so we can take account
of anything if we need to.

My ongoing thanks to you for the support you offer your child and the school.

Yours faithfully

Matthew Parr-Burman
Executive Headteacher

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