Science revision countdown

The countdown to exams has begun and we know that it can be a very stressful time for our year 11s as we get closer to the exam season. Therefore to prevent some students burying their head in the sand and leaving all their revision to the last minute Science has produced a 19 week revision plan. All students have been given a copy of the plan which is broken down into small chunked tasks each week with some self-testing at the weekend.
• 10mins a day Mon – Weds.
• 30mins – 1hr Thurs
• Friday Parent/Teacher check
• Quick test Sat
• Mark test Sunday
On Friday each week they will be expected to bring in their work and show their science teacher. Please also support their revision by checking they are on track.
This will hopefully help to reduce anxiety, take a bit of the pressure off and enable them to achieve great results this summer.
Download this file (Science Revision Timetable.pdf)Science Revision Timetable.pdf252 kB
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