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Appointment of Head Teacher at Carisbrooke College

20 December 2012


Dear Parent/Carer

Appointment of Head Teacher - Carisbrooke College

As you know, the Governing Body have been working to appoint a Head Teacher for Carisbrooke College.  I am writing to confirm that, following a robust process over the last two days, we have appointed Peter Shaw to this post.  Peter proved himself to be the right candidate for this position amongst a field of very strong applicants.

Peter may be a name that some of you know.  He was previously the Head of Downside Middle School and, prior to the education reorganisation, he also took responsibility for Kitbridge Middle School.  Since September, 2011 he has held a Principal's post in an International School in Northern Cyprus and, more recently, has worked with the Cranford Group of Schools in London, developing their leadership and management capability.

The Governing Body can confirm that Peter will join us during January. 

Steve Beynon, Chief Executive of Isle of Wight Council, formed part of the interview panel.  He said: "I was pleased to participate in the appointment process and support the appointment of Peter Shaw."

Nicky Thompson, as you know, has been acting as Head Teacher.  The Governors want to express their utmost appreciation to Nicky for her work during this period.  She has achieved much throughout this time and has undertaken considerable work to start Carisbrooke College on a journey of improvement.  What you don't see are the long, arduous, hours that she has worked so that the College runs in a smooth and efficient manner - especially as she has, at times, covered both her role as Deputy and the role of Head. I am sure you will join the Governors in thanking Nicky for her efforts during this time.

I am confident that Peter, Nicky and John Robinson will form an excellent team to manage Carisbrooke in the coming months, and beyond.

On behalf of the Governing Body I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas.

Yours sincerely

Mr T Hart
Chair of Governors

Please see attached for full letter